Artist and nuisance (currently) living on the east coast of the U.S.

Jecca V. was born on the feast of St. Ammon in 1983. While her early childhood remains mysterious (and reports of her being found as a toddler amidst a congregation of alligators in a sewer while wearing only a flour sack and clutching a lightly-gnawed ulna are wholly unsubstantiated), she spent many of her summers fancy shawl dancing at pow-wows and her winters going quietly stir-crazy amid stacks of books.

These things– coupled with a later obsession with environmentalism, pagan themes, and the work of Victorian horror writers– have heavily influence her artwork, which many fine people have seen fit to include in their private collections due to Reasons.

She likes burn festivals, acrylics, hooping, crows, wild blueberries, oceans, music of all kinds, the smell of damp vetiver root, and the sound of coyotes.
She does not like hot weather, broccoli, or needles.

For all intents and purposes, she can be contacted here.