Do you like the internet? Here is some internet.

adayinthelifeofawitch — Modern day witchcraft, Tarot, astrology and Pagan business.

Advanced Style — Style and stories from some of the world’s most fashionable seniors.

The Bloggess — Like Mother Theresa, only better.

Catalog Living — A glimpse into the exciting world of the people living in your catalogs.

Desert Plants of Avalon — A weird and wacky world of cacti and succulents.

The Domestic Witch — The blog of a Unitarian Universalist witch, home of the Witchy Readathon.

The F Plus Podcast — Terrible things read with enthusiasm.

Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table — And your over-the-bed fiber art. And your living room teepee. And your bookshelf with all of the spines facing in.

Hello, I am a bear — Literally a bear.

Interiors by Jacquin — A one-stop-shop for chic interior design and stylish living!

McMansion Hell — Ever wonder why McMansions are universally strange looking? This blog breaks it down for you.

The Pagan Blog Directory — A directory of pagan blogs.

Paid Viewpoint — A minute or so, some surveys, some money.

Sarah Anne Lawless — Sacred artist and folk herbalist.

Tess Whitehurst — Positivity & Magical Living, home of the Good Vibe Tribe.

Victorian Gothic — Much of Madness, and More of Sin.


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  5. Thanks for linking to my site, adayinthelifeofawitch! I spotted you on my Stats this month, wandered over to see which kind soul had linked me, and now I think I may stuck here. Have bookmarked you for further reading, looking forward to it!

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