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Decorating With Books for Fun and Profit — 2 Comments

  1. Spines facing in can get out but I do try to arrange my books with a slight nod to aesthetic. I never have any trouble finding what I want, so they don’t need to be alphabetical and I really like my collection (which is chosen based on what I want to read, not what it looks like) so I like it to look appealing. But yeah, spines facing in will never, ever make sense.

    • Yeah, some book covers are definitely as beautiful as they are functional, and I’m sure that there’re people for whom arranging their books in ways other than by author, title, or subject makes more sense. As long as arranging them doesn’t actually impede using them, rock on!
      It’s when things get to the point where even one’s bookshelf has to be Instagram-ready and aspirational (and there are companies out there making money off of this idea) that I really have to furrow my brow.

      ETA: That’s part of the reason a lot of catalog shoots strike me as funny– most of the time, the way stylists arrange objects is really contrary to how an actual, functional home would look. (Catalog Living is a pretty good parody of that.) When I see some really strange catalog styles (like books with the spines facing inward) leave their weird photoshoot ecosystem and start happening in the real world, it kind of cracks me up.

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