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Vinegar of the Four Thieves — 16 Comments

    • Right? I don’t know how it was imbibable at that point. 50 cloves of raw garlic steeped in vinegar would be mouth-blisteringly strong, seems like.

    • Thank you! Edible versions are really tasty (courtesy of all the garlic, but I love garlic), and non-edible versions are pretty effective at what they do.

    • It’s really easy, especially if you don’t intend to make it for consumption. The infusing process just takes a little time. :D

  1. Very interesting read, I’ve never heard of this before so will definitely bookmark it for later.

    • It’s something you usually come across in natural health or occult circles — one uses it for keeping away germs, the other uses it to keep away everything else! I use a lot of white vinegar for cleaning, but this stuff is good to have around.

    • Thanks! It’s amazing how long the recipe’s survived — now there’s about a thousand different versions out there, all based on the same tale.

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