31 Days of Magic: Day 22, Sex Magic.

Note: This post contains an affiliate link to a relevant product. And now the words “crystal dildo” are probably permanently emblazoned in my search history no matter how many times I clear it. Sorry family, sorry college, sorry NSA.

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I’m just gonna give you a brief rundown of how sex magick works for me, because I am not about to go into detail about that in public. I do not bone and tell.
Deal? Deal.

So, sex magick takes advantage of the energy released at orgasm to get things done. Much like power raising through chanting, dancing, etc., sex magick involves sustained physical effort performed with your goal in mind, until you reach a peak where the power you’ve generated is released. It is a bit tricky, because it can be pretty tough to orgasm while you’re thinking of your bank account, an illness you’d like to overcome, or what have you. Climaxing, for me, is a very mental thing. It’s not at all easy to stay focused on a(n often unsexy) goal and get off at the same time, you know?

Sex magick also doesn’t have to involve two people– masturbating works just as well. Honestly, it can be a bit easier solo because you only have to worry about getting yourself off. The only caveat here is that you’ll only have your own power to work with, versus the combined energy of you and a partner or partners.

Some people use bodily fluids to dress candles, so that could also qualify as sex magick depending on what you’re trying to do. If I were a regular practitioner of sex magick, it’d also be neat to have dedicated toys. Maybe something like this yoni wand:

Pure quartz crystal yoni massage wand. Source.

Do you practice sex magick? What kind of goals to you use it for?

31 Days of Magic: Day 21, Create a Jar Spell.

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If you ask a witch what the most important tool they have is, more so than herbs, stones, or anything else, they’ll probably say jars. Not just for storage and organization, jar spells are a type of magick unto their own– any time you want something to have a residual effect, put that ish in a jar.

I’ve posted a couple references to jar spells before, like this couple who found what was most likely a sweetening jar on their rental property. Today’s Friday, a waning moon, and a day where I’m tasked with making a jar spell, so something to do with love, decreasing, and having a long-term effect is probably the most appropriate.

Love doesn’t just have to be of a romantic nature. Sure, it’s a day ruled by love deities, but love deities also have something big in common besides love and attraction– confidence. With the moon on the wane, this is probably a good time to work to decrease my self-criticism and encourage more self-love.

I have anxiety, which means I constantly worry about fucking up, or that other people secretly hate me. I don’t get out as much as I like, so I’m often down on myself for being “boring.” This is a good opportunity for me to make myself a pick-me-up to help squash some of the deeply critical, unactionable feelings that I struggle with now and then.

For this, I put together:

  • Pink rose petals.
  • Lavender buds.
  • Marjoram.
  • Valerian root.
  • A tumbled moonstone.
  • Some rose quartz chips.
  • A couple pinches of my personal herb blend, as a signature.


I’d include a picture, but this jar honestly isn’t much to look at– picture a jelly jar filled with what looks like potpourri. I may decorate it at a later date, but, for now, this is good enough for me. It smells lovely (valerian root aside!), and the energies of the love-drawing and confidence-boosting herbs should do the trick!

Do you ever do magick for self-love? What are your favorite ingredients to use?

Things I Love: Rooks, Ravens, Jays, and Crows.

Note: This posts contains affiliate links to some things I thought were pretty cool. All images are copyrighted to their respective creators, and appear here via a URL preview widget. Thank you for supporting both this site and the artisans that make rad stuff!

Last time I did one of these, I scoped out a bunch of items geared toward relaxation and creating a meditation space. This week, I put together a list of things based on my loves– corvidae. Some are pieces I’ve purchased myself and absolutely love, some are ones I’ve been lusting after. Every link will open into a new window, so you can learn more about any of the pieces that might strike your fancy.

Raven Pendant — $60

I love the abstract, swirly look of this piece. It gives it a real sense of movement, and the raven is just subtle enough to invite a closer look. Source.

RAVEN Watercolor Print By Dean Crouser — Starting at $25

This high-quality giclee print of Crouser’s original watercolor painting has so much color and life to it, I love it. I’ve purchased prints from this artist to give as gifts, and they’re even more beautiful in person. Source.

Tiny Sterling Silver Raven Stud Post Earrings — Starting at $39

Detailed, lovely, yet small and subtle enough to wear with anything. Best of all? The silver’s conflict-free. Source.

Steel Raven Cuff — $50

I love the detail of this etched cuff– the swirls almost evoke a Mucha vibe for me. Source.

Raven Necklace sterling silver ‘Edgar’ — $52.96

I have this necklace, and I virtually never take it off. Not only do I love how it looks on me, the texture of this piece make it very inviting to fidget with when I’m feeling antsy. Source.

Bird Ring – Raven – Crow – Rook – Currawong — $78

I love, love, love this ring. My piece has more antiquing on the silver, making the three-dimensional raven stand out even more than the example photo. And not only does Deborah Laun make awesome jewelry, her customer service is pretty rad, too. Source.

Crow/Raven Plush PDF Pattern — $7

Are you good at sewing? More importantly, are you willing to sew me one of these cute little skooshpuffs for money? Source.

Labradorite Raven Silhouette Necklace — $165

I love the rainbow flash of labradorite peeking through the silver raven silhouette. I almost didn’t want to post this here, just in case they sell out before I can get one for myself! Source.

31 Days of Magic: Day 20, Create a Sigil.

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So, sigils. A lot of people use them, and there are a ton of different ways to do them. I’ve posted about this before, but, in case you’re new to sigil-crafting, here are a couple of methods:

The Letter Method

You write out a simple declarative statement of what you want, cross out the vowels and duplicate letters, then rearrange what’s left over into a symbol. While not immediately readable, the process and final appearance of the sigil are designed to have a psychological effect as much as a magickal one.

The Planetary Squares Method

You choose the appropriate square for the energy you want to invoke, come up with a simple statement of your desire, do some math to figure out which numbers correspond to the words in your statement, then connect the dots.

Not gonna lie, this is mostly here to keep the example image from showing up as the preview for this post.

Not gonna lie, this is mostly here to keep the example image from showing up as the preview for this post.

The Weird-ass-way-I-do-it Method

You write out a statement of your desire, but leave it in plain English (or whatever language you’re most comfortable using). Then, you follow the lines of crossed letters and curves of vowels to develop something that is easy to inscribe onto a candle, not immediately recognizable, but still able to be read with effort. This is helpful if, like me, you end up finding sigils months later and having absolutely no recollection of what they’re for.

For example:

"... What are you doing?" "Shh. Nothing." "Whatever it is, it looks like a serial killer's art project." "Oh my god."

“… What are you doing?”
“Shh. Nothing.”
“Whatever it is, it looks like a serial killer’s art project.”
Oh my god.”

After that, you take the (hopefully more artistically rendered than my MSPaint job above) symbol and use it for whatever you intend to.

There are other ways to do sigils, too. You can try automatic writing, where you essentially channel the energy of your desire and let your hands just do stuff with pencils until a sigil pops out. You can also try using one of the methods above, then allowing the finished product to serve as the basis for a simple abstract rendering of a plant, animal, or any other appropriate figure.

After creating it, a sigil can be empowered in any number of ways– pretty much the same way you’d charge a stone or other object. I usually like to light them on fire if I’m in a position to do so, but this time around I’d like the sigil itself to stay intact.

I’m not going to post a picture of the sigil I ended up creating, because it’s generally better not to do so unless it’s one you’re creating for public use. For example, the happiness sigil above is fine for anyone who’d like to use my scribbling as part of a general mood-lifting charm. This one’s for my S.O., though, so I’mma keep it between us. He’s starting a new job soon, and that plus graduate school have been pretty taxing. I wanted to make a simple, discreet (security checkpoints make it hard to sneak in tiny sachets of herbs, you feel me?) charm he could carry to help keep his days from becoming too stressful.

Do you use sigils frequently? How do you prefer to create them?

31 Days of Magic: Day 19, Use Tarot Cards.

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I read Tarot cards a lot. I used to give readings for pay, even. I like pulling a card now and then to get an idea of what I’ll be up against for the day, get a different view of the situation, or just give myself something to think about.

Today, however, I am not going to use them for divination purposes.

Depending on your needs, Tarot cards can be much more than a divination tool. You can craft a love charm by tying two cards (chosen to represent the consenting individuals involved) together with a red ribbon. You can use the appropriate card as a stand-in for a petitioner or taglock for a healing spell.

Nine of pentacles, (heat-treated) citrine, cinquefoil.

Nine of pentacles, (heat-treated) citrine, cinquefoil. Card from the utterly gorgeous Deviant Moon deck by Patrick Valenza.

Today, I’m going to use it as the focus for some prosperity work. I’ve got the nine of pentacles, representing where I want to be– prosperous, self-assured, not limited by financial worries. I chose cinquefoil to go with it because this herb, also called five finger grass due to its five-pointed leaves, represents wealth, power, love, health, and wisdom. It’s a prosperity herb par excellence, and it isn’t solely limited to monetary prosperity either. Today’s a good day for this spell because Wednesday has to do with commerce and communication. As someone who makes money through communication via art and writing, that planetary energy certainly couldn’t hurt!

What I’m doing is essentially a basic stone-empowering ritual. I’m using this card as a focus for the energy I want to infuse the stone (a heat-treated citrine tumblestone) with. When it’s ready, I’ll place it in a little bag with the cinquefoil and a few coins and put the card back into my deck.

Do you use Tarot cards for anything other than divination? How do they figure in your practice?

Dead(ish) Ringers.

When #ThingsYouTakeToTheGrave was trending on Twitter a week or so ago, I figured I’d make a smartass post about safety coffins. I was very into the work of Edgar Allan Poe when I was a kid, and he was nothing if not a bit preoccupied with the idea of premature burial, so some of his fears rubbed off on me. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what would be the best way to avoid being buried alive in the event I contract some form of Victorian novel heroine disease.

Poe and I are far from the only people to have worried about premature burial. The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice has a post on the subject, and the amount of energy and creativity that went into “safety coffins” is nothing short of amazing. Even today, with far better tools for detecting when someone has actually died, safety coffins are still a thing. A far cry from the old bell-ion-the-end-of-a-rope model, some have defibrillators, heart monitors, oxygen tanks, and even webcams.

It got me thinking– how would I avoid being buried alive? Truth is, I don’t want to be buried at all. I’d like to avoid embalming and be left somewhere to decompose, either out where scavenging animals can have at me or in a cave to chill with a whole bunch of calcite like the crystal maiden. With burial regulations being what they are, unfortunately I’ll probably have to settle for either burial, cremation, or being set into the ocean.



So! Scratch an open-air decomposition. I wouldn’t necessarily trust technology– I know how finicky it can be under the best of circumstances. Add decomposition gases, moisture, several feet of soil, and having to hope that whoever my signal’s recipient is doesn’t have crappy wifi, and I don’t know if I’d be comfortable with a techy solution. Not without a backup, anyway.

Being able to get myself out of a grave isn’t an option, because I’d probably be too weak to do it. Besides, if I can get out, grave robbers can get in. I don’t think I want to end up as a necromancer’s sidekick for the rest of my unnatural life (though I am less likely to die a violent death than I am one that is proceeded immediately by “Hey, watch this!”). So, that leaves a signal of some kind. Preferably one that doesn’t depend on electricity and a wifi signal.

Really, it seems like the old bell-rope scheme might be the best. Yeah, my body will eventually become all bloaty and gross and accidentally ring the bell anyway. I’ll be dead, though, so people running to my grave to disinter me isn’t really my problem so much. Maybe a bell rope securely tied to a metal ring bolted to the lid of the coffin, so I could feel around for it and give it a couple of yanks? I’d need a coffin large enough to move my arms around and find it, though.

I need to think about this and look up more stuff. Preferably things that won’t end with me on some kind of watch list.

31 Days of Magic: Day 18, Create an Elemental.

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Elementals are pretty much thoughtforms with a job. They’re containers of spirit energy that have a purpose and an expiration date. They can be extremely useful, but there are a number of ways to create them that get pretty secretive and involved. While it might be tempting to believe that creating an elemental involved a full ritual and initiation into a given tradition, this isn’t really the case.

Ultimately, making one involves giving it five things:

  • A shape.
  • Energy.
  • A name.
  • A job.
  • An expiration date.


Here’s a good article better detailing exactly what elemental creating entails. It might seem simple, but there are hazards involved and certain bits of protocol that should be followed in order to ensure that it’s successful.

Today is Tuesday, a day good for passion, courage, and strength. It’s also a waning moon. This makes it a good time for habit-breaking, which I think I’ll create an elemental to help me do. I have a couple of bad habits that have their root in anxiety, so an elemental that can help me break that pattern would be tremendously useful! I might make it a circle, like these adorable-ass Dungeons & Dragons creatures. I’ll give it a month or three, which should be long enough for me to rid myself of some undesirable habits. Supposedly it takes two weeks to make or break one, but I want to be sure. (Plus Modrons are cute as heck.)

Art by Julie Dillon, © Paizo Publishing. Source: Monster of the Week: Modrons

Seriously. Look at those little mechanical skooshpuffs. Especially the little round one. And the square one. He just looks so intrepid.

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked with creating an elemental, so this’ll be a good opportunity to flex some magickal muscles I haven’t used in a bit. Do you often work with elementals? What does your process entail?

Supermoon Datenight!

I went out to dinner with my S.O., which we generally try to do about once a week or so. It’s not always easy (what with my health and his work and school schedule) but we manage alright. Last night was pretty special, though.

There aren’t a lot of really good places to skygaze in the city. The lights drown out the stars, buildings and trees block the moon, parks close at sundown. I get a really nice view of the moon through my windows most nights, but what’s the fun in that?

So, we decided to go out, get some tasty pies, and see if we could find a spot to hang out and get a good view of the supermoon. We definitely succeeded in the former– I had chicken pot pie, he had the pulled pork BBQ, then we followed them with sour cherry à la mode and chocolate chess– but the latter was a little tricky. There weren’t any good places to sit and relax under the sky, but whaddya gonna do? We had some pie, talked for awhile and enjoyed ourselves, then went back home. All told, it was a nice, relatively low-key evening.

It was really good pie, too.

It was really good pie, too.

He tried to take a picture of the moon for me, but, alas, the battery died before it could save. That’s alright, though– there are some pretty wicked awesome photos of last night’s moon up elsewhere, like the big, glowing pumpkin on the Washington Post’s article:

Photos: Sunday’s supermoon was plump like a pumpkin in the October sky

Sunday’s full moon wasn’t your typical full moon. Source.

“We should do this more often,” I told my S.O., “Like, every full moon.”

“Sure, if you don’t mind finding a park for us to go to,” he replied.

Back home, I set my collection of stones on my window sills to soak up all of that big lunar energy, and took a few minutes for myself to sit at my window and feel the energy for myself. Like I do at every full moon, I wrote a new petition for things I’d like to see decrease in my life during the waning moon. Today, I’ll tuck it under a little quartz tower to send my desires into the aether.

Did you do anything special for last night’s supermoon?

Channeling My Inner Goddess 4: Let’s Write Some Stuff.

Okay, so, last week I discovered that my inner goddess is most like Artemis via the magic of online personality quizzes. Or about half Artemis, a quarter Hecate, and a quarter Aphrodite, more accurately. This week, it’s time to try out a technique I found on Rejuvenation Lounge.

For this part, I’m going to set a five minute timer and free-write. I’m not going to edit it, so any typos are going to stay. In the end, I should have something written in the voice of my inner goddess. (“Should” being very much the operative word here.)

Okay. Deep breath. No distractions. And…. go.

Today’s date night, the one time per week my S.O. and I get to go out. I hate having to take propranolol just to do it, though. It’d be nice to be able to go out without having to worry about an attack of SVT, but that’s a circumstance a bit beyond my control– all of the meditation, relaxation, and chamomile tea in the world isn’t going to remove a bunch of defective cells. The best I can do is manage it, which…. involves taking beta blockers when I know I’m going to be in a situation that could trigger it, I guess. So, yay me?

I guess it’s important for me to realize that I need to relinquish some control over things. Anxiety makes this difficult. Some people would blame it on my being a Virgo, but I don’t really follow all of that. I’m pretty sure I have a good handle on why I’m anxious, and the month of my birth is at the very bottom of that particular list. Not having control of things doesn’t strike me as particularly goddessy, though.

Maybe this is what the second Wikihow goddess channeling method was referring to– the one whose name I can’t recall at the moment. The one that was all about going with the flow and reacting to what the world hands you in a calm, easygoing manner. That doesn’t strike me as particularly goddessy either, but maybe my definition of an inner goddess as a seat of power could use some adjusting. I don’t know.

I think the five minutes are almost up. I guess all the freelance writing’s done me some good– I can type pretty quickly, at the very least. I’m kind of surprised my thoughts were this coherent. I half expected myself to go off on a tangent of writing lists, or going off to play Stardew. Welp.

Hmm. That was a bit more insightful than I expected. Maybe instead of looking to exert control externally, I need to learn to control how I cope with a lack of control first. I don’t know that doing so really screams Artemis-Aphrodite-Hecate, but it’d be a worthwhile first step for me. I don’t have any misapprehensions that it’ll help cure my anxiety disorder, but a little learning to let go never killed anyone. Progress!

Next week, I attempt to channel my inner goddess through getting my drink on.


31 Days of Magic: Day 17, Have a Magical Bath.

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Okay! Sweet! This is a great opportunity for me to bust out The Book of Sacred Baths: 52 Bathing Rituals to Revitalize Your Spirit.

I reviewed this book a little bit ago, and found it pretty helpful for both experienced and inexperienced practitioners. The recipes are simple enough to follow, but the way they’re constructed makes them easy to adapt to your purposes. Since this is Monday, I’m going to create a bath that focuses on psychic pursuits and spirituality. I just received a shipment of herbs from Honey Vine Magickals, so I’m good to go as far as ingredients go!

For this bath, I’m combining:

  • Salt.
  • Marshmallow root.
  • Clary sage.
  • Peppermint.
  • Lavender.
  • A little borage oil.
  • A moonstone. (Note: Moonstone can leach aluminum into water.)
  • A clear quartz.

I don’t have any candles right now, but that’s okay. I make do with what I’ve got. I have my Tunes for Rad Witches queued up, so I should be ready to get my soak on.

As has been mentioned in about a thousand different places, ritual baths aren’t like conventional ones. The emphasis is on relaxing in the water to absorb the vibes and properties of the things in it– the water itself, herbs, stones, oils, etc. If you need to, you take a regular bath beforehand so you’re clean when you enter the ritual bath. Some people have a more complicated setup for ritual bathing than others. I tend to err on the side of simplicity with most things, and ritual bathing is no different.

Do you use ritual baths? How do you conduct yours?